Market Focus

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Course overview
Apply strategic thinking to sharpen your target audience view.
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Certification included
This Market Focus course will guide you through the step-by-step process to expand your strategic thinking on just one vital element of your strategy, your target audience.
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What's included?

  • 5 Modules
  • 8 E-books
  • 5 Videos with over 30 minutes of instruction
  • 3 PDF worksheets
  • 3 Case study examples
  • 1 Post-course check list to apply what you learn
  • 1 Certificate of Completion

Learning Objectives for this Course

  • Expand and organize your target audience thinking to include others also targeting this same group.
  • Explore connections between these groups and begin thinking through how to leverage these connections to serve your goals.
  • Organize the strategic insights gained from taking a broader view of your target audience to formulate a real strategic market focus.
  • What steps to take to complete your strategic hypothesis and prepare for more in-depth planning.
Benefits from Market Focus

Broaden your view and deepen your understanding.

Three benefits from our Market Focus course.

  1. It strengthens your knowledge of who else is in your target audience's environment that you may be competing against or who might partner with to achieve greater levels of success.
  2. It orients you to the influences or influencers that could impact your business model, priorities, or partnerships.
  3. It aids your ability to anticipate shifts in your target audience’s needs or preferences so that you are better prepared to respond.
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Meet the instructor

Cecilia Lynch

Cecilia Lynch is a seasoned strategist, author and the leading authority on strategic thinking.

Ms. Lynch is the founder, CEO and chief strategist at Focused Momentum®, creator of Strategy Class®.

Ms. Lynch was recognized early in her career for her unique approach to strategic leadership as an executive of the wildly successful brand Dockers®.

Now, after two decades of developing highly successful strategic plans for corporations and non-profits, she is making developing strategy tools and techniques available to everyone with Strategy Class®.
Patrick Jones - Course author

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