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What is Strategy Class?

Strategy Class  is a program to teach strategic thinking skills, strategic planning methods, and strategic management disciplines.  

It was created by Cecilia Lynch, Focused Momentum's founder, to make strategy possible for everyone.

This the online home of Strategy Class.

Who is it for?

Entrepreneurs and leaders of for-profit and non-profit entities that want to strengthen their ability to lead.

Individuals looking to enhance their skills as they expand their consulting practice or career options.

Unique Content

Our course content is created from over 20 years of building strategic plans and coaching organizational leaders on implementation.

It is applied business theory and real case studies.

What benefits can I expect?

  • Greater clarity and confidence to lead planning efforts,
  • More participation from those you engage in planning, and
  • Improved productivity and performance against plans.

Fully Customizable Learning Paths

Each course is designed to achieve specific learning objectives, but can also be used in combination with other courses to accelerate outcomes.

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Why did Cecilia develop Strategy Class®?

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Who is Strategy Class® designed for?

What benefits can one expect from taking a course in Strategy Class®?

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What our students are saying ...

Working with Cecilia has really helped me to identify my clients and helped me to focus on defining myself, my services and my company to them. She has been invaluable in opening up possibilities for me to build and grow in ways that naturally gets me to my goals.

Micheal R. Entrepreneur
Market Focus was a great way for me to confirm what I know about my target audience and ensure that I’m keeping my eye on the ball.
As an entrepreneur, working on your market strategy isn’t a “one-and-done”. You need to keep up the practice like any skill. The online Market Focus course is engaging, to the point and, best of all, you can take it at your own pace

maya T.  Founder, Partner, and Entrepreneur
As an entrepreneur working to get my ideas off the ground, Strategy Class® tools were thought provoking. They helped me create my plan. Other templates on the web just help you organize your plan; they don’t help you create one.
Beth G. Entrepreneur

Frequently asked questions

What is Focused Momentum LLC?

Focused Momentum LLC is a strategic planning and management consulting firm with over 20 years of experience leading strategic planning consulting engagements in the commercial and nonprofit sectors.

How long will I have access to my paid course?

Learners have unlimited access to their paid course unless otherwise stated.

Where are the classes held?

Strategy Class Online courses are available on the Focused Momentum training platform. Each course is delivered by module through a variety of training formats: e-books, tutorial videos, surveys, quizzes, as well as downloadable pdf worksheets and case study examples.  
Strategy Class Online will also be the hub for hybrid and in-person programs.

What if I have questions while taking the course? Can I email you?

Registered learners have the opportunity to connect with their instructor or other course learners in the course player under the Discuss tab.  Learners can also send an email through their inbox .

What if I have questions about the course materials?

If you have questions about the course materials, please send an email through the learner’s inbox inside the Focused Momentum® Academy.

Can I get a refund after I purchase?

No, we don’t offer refunds. The first module of our courses is free and the course curriculum is visible to you before you purchase. You get a pretty good idea of the content, length, and learning objectives before enrolling. However, if you are still not sure, we offer a free 15 minute Q&A call. Schedule it here

I am ready to enroll. What are my next steps?

Terrific! Just go to Our Courses, find the course you want to enroll in, and register.  It is that easy. See you in Strategy Class®!

What level of experience do I need before signing up?

You don’t need any experience to enroll in a Strategy Class Online courses. We design our courses to make strategy possible for everyone. 

We are told our strategy development tools and techniques are successfully applied to personal life challenges as well as business or leadership challenges! If you desire to think, plan, and manage with a strategic mindset, our courses are for you!

Do I get a certificate at the end?

Yes, for all paid (not free) courses, we provide a Certificate of Completion after completing all units.

Help your entire team learn these skills.

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